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That’s what you want if you are an entrepreneur

That’s why you started your business.

The problem: Between you and your ultimate end goal are obstacles.

You put in all the work. You go all-in. But at the end of the day you often feel you can show up for nothing.

Worst of all: The nagging fear that you’ll never overcome the self-sabotage, indecision, procrastination you swear to tackle!

Are you someone who …

Has hundreds of incredible ideas and counting but is stuck in indecision?

Which one is really moving the needle and in alignment with your vision? And because there’s no clear answer you decide to do … nothing!

Get's himself burried in work which never seems to end?

You feel that you are constantly blowing out fires and instead of working on your business you are trapped in your business. Worst of all: it seems that there’s no end in sight.

Knows what works but isn't able to able to actually do it

Truth is: You have all the information you need. You already spent a fortune on courses, seminars and books around business and self-help topics. It nags you that you know the solution to your problems but still aren’t able to pull it off.

It’s not Your Fault!

You are simply missing a series of fundamental pillars that high performing entrepreneurs are blessed with.

It is never too late – you can still get them today. Find out how I can help:

Master the 6 Pillars of High Performance

High Performance is a process created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified Coach, my job is to work with you in this process through 6 different areas: Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, Persuasion, Passion and Presence.

Use the right Tools for the modern Entrepreneur

I provide you with psychological tools, tactical insight, and introspective understanding so you can unlock resources in your mind. This means you can gear up, take it to the next level and unleash your entrepreneurial power. It means you’ll create more freedom, more wealth and more impact.


Get sustainable progress - Whenever and Wherever you need it

Common sense could say that face-to-face consultations are a must. Well, they aren’t. Phone and email consults offer entrepreneurs better results. Imagine being able to get super effective support no matter where you are. No travels, no extra time needed. It may sound impossible to the naysayers and skeptics, but tools like Skype offer an extremely effective method of communication and coaching. Plus: conversations can be recorded for future reference and contemplation. This approach provides you with several key benefits for stronger and faster results.

Don’t take my word for granted. Here’s what others say …

Sebastian was able to help me see what was right outside my tunnel vision. He was encouraging and easy to talk to. Darren Basset

Founding Executive Director, The Bassett Foundation

I was successful. I felt alright. And then there was … something. It was draining my energy. 3 months and 6 sessions later working with Sebastian it was gone. I made a big financial investment but it was great. I am successful. I am doing great! Walter Danner

Founder, Snow Leopard Projects

Empowering Thought Leaders of tomorrow achieve predictable success so that they can tackle society's most important challenges today

That's my mission. What's yours?

Working with me is the solution

Imagine having access to an experienced business coach who acts as a navigation system in the fierce race of your entrepreneurial journey.

I hold you accountable, challenge your ideas and provide you with the support you need ito change your thinking and behavior so that you accelerate your journey to Freedom, Wealth and Impact aka Predictable Success.

Where impossible not just becomes possible, but normal!

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